SERMO is the #1 social network for doctors in the US and now globally.

It's the place to talk about real world medicine.
It’s the virtual doctors’ lounge.
It's the meeting of medical minds and hearts.
It’s the voice of physicians.

Why doctors love SERMO

“I can speak freely because I am anonymous. I don't have to worry about my words getting back to a hospital administrator.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“Being a semi-anonymous environment actually allows for more honest and useful advice and comments. I get enough daily BS, PC crap in real life. I don't need more in the virtual life.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“You can’t just Google medicine, you need a human source. We have to go beyond ‘cookbook’ medicine, and seek reasonable, experienced minds to think through difficult and diverse cases.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“If it was real life, we’d all hang out.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“Medicine is fun, when it’s without the intrusion of multiple third parties. We love posting cases on SERMO...we get to practice medicine even if we don’t get paid for it.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“Doctors don't have the time to come to a real doctors' lounge any more. On SERMO we can ask questions and share our lives and frustrations. Whenever we feel stressed out, we come to get support and find it. Any time of the day.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“I actually shared a medical mistake for the benefit of my peers on SERMO...but would not have done so if I was identified.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“Regulators are forcing us to comply with rules and docs hardly get a voice. We’re made to feel isolated and alone. It’s overwhelming but SERMO is THE place where we can finally talk and feel like we are not alone. We know that we’re all in the same boat.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“I think SERMO has nailed it. If I want to read a clinical discussion, I can do that. If I want to read something funny, I can do that. If I want to get into politics, I can do that. If I need help with a patient, I have a place to do that.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“Had I not read a post on SERMO, I would not have nailed the diagnosis.”

Why doctors love SERMO

“These days doctors are super busy and don’t have time to stop what they are doing and find a colleague with the appropriate expertise.”

Why doctors love SERMO

[SERMO] is the only forum that I know of that has been able to provide a safe atmosphere for us [doctors] to talk with each other in the same language. It has also been a place where I have felt welcome and received a lot of support when I have needed it.

What doctors can do on SERMO



Medical crowdsourcing in action

Help your peers by sharing and solving challenging cases! Converse with your colleagues and help us build the largest medical databank of real live cases, questions and answers.



Weekly physician polls

Vote with your peers: Real-time physician opinions on current medical issues and healthcare trends.



Talk with your peers about real world medicine.



Get paid for your perspective

SERMO disburses more honoraria to doctors than most any other organization in the world. Last year SERMO paid out $16 Million USD in honoraria to doctors worldwide.

SERMO in the news

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Ask your questions directly and create your own polls. Get real-time, authentic opinions and commentary.

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In the News

Meet the Facebook for Doctors
April 08, 2015

That's when Armstrong logged onto Sermo, a sort of "Facebook for doctors". The service, which launched in 2005 in the U.S., allows members to...

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Press Releases

More doctors are uncomfortable discussing patients’ mental health than weight
January 23, 2017

According to over 3200 physicians, patients are least honest with them about domestic abuse, most honest about tobacco use

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SERMO – Industry Innovator

SERMO CEO Peter Kirk discusses the network and revolutionizing real-world medicine on TALK BUSINESS 360 Industry Innovators – a television show that airs across the United States on the 80 million-subscriber strong Fox Business Network.

How Doctors Socialize Online

Listen to our SERMO & MM&M webinar on “How Doctors Socialize Online: Medical Crowdsourcing”

SERMO Partners with Global Genes

SERMO, the leading global social network for physicians, and Global Genes™, a leading rare disease patient advocacy organization with reach worldwide, have partnered to provide patients and physicians access to a critical insights, information and resources that will help accelerate diagnoses and treatment through medical crowdsourcing.

With the development of the RARE Disease Hub within the SERMO Network, physicians will be regularly educated on hard to diagnose cases using patient stories and cases from the Global Genes network. In addition, SERMO and it’s active community of over 540,000 physicians will help Global Gene’s RARE Concierge Program provide better insight and next steps into difficult cases through inquiries that come directly to Global Genes.

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Floating Doctors and SERMO: A short documentary

SERMO and Floating Doctors are working together to tell their story of how a group of doctors and medical professionals, armed with SERMOsolves and their own daring approach to medicine, are furthering medicine for patients wherever they're needed.

TechBit: SERMO a social network for doctors

SERMO is a social network that puts you in touch with thousands of doctors around the world.